How Much Value Does An Egress Window Add?

How Much Value Does An Egress Window Add

Egress windows are often associated with safety, providing an additional exit point in case of emergencies. However, beyond their primary function, homeowners may wonder about how much value does an egress window adds. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various aspects of egress windows. From legal requirements, helping you understand the significant role they play in both safety and home valuation.

How Much Value Does An Egress Window Add?

Egress windows serve a dual purpose enhancing safety by providing an emergency exit to your home. But how much value does an egress window add?

The main answer: Egress windows can significantly increase the market value of your home. Making its value a worthwhile investment for both safety-conscious and future-focused homeowners.

Legal Requirements And Building Codes

Egress windows are not just a matter of choice; they often come with legal obligations. Building codes stipulate the necessity of egress windows, and accessibility to safety regulations.

Safety Considerations For Occupants

An egress window is basically a safety feature for your home, especially in places like basements. Where there might not be many ways to get out in case of an emergency. It makes your home safer overall, and that’s something potential buyers really like.

Purpose Of Egress Windows In Different Areas Of The Home

Egress windows are usually put in basements and bedrooms to make sure people can get out safely during a fire or other emergencies. Knowing what’s needed for different spaces helps homeowners choose the right setup wisely.

Positive Impact On Property Value

The addition of egress windows can have a positive impact on the market value of your home. This is especially true when considering the overall safety and functionality they bring to the property.

Attracting Potential Buyers

When buying a home, safety is a top concern for many people. Having egress windows in your home is a big plus. These windows make your home more attractive to families with kids or anyone who cares about safety.

Enhancing Curb Appeal With Well-Designed Egress Windows

Besides keeping your home safe, good-looking exit windows can make your house look even better. When you put them in the right spots and make them look nice, they add to the overall attractiveness of your home. This can catch the eye of people thinking about buying a house and make your property even more charming.

Is It Worth Adding An Egress Window?

Certainly! Adding an egress window is a smart investment because it enhances safety and can potentially increase the value of your home.

Does A Window Count As A Point Of Egress?

Not all windows qualify as points of egress. Egress windows must meet specific size requirements to serve as a legal exit point.

What Is The Smallest Egress Window Allowed?

Building rules usually say that egress windows need to be a certain size. The window should be at least 20 inches wide and 24 inches tall, and the total opening should be at least 5.7 square feet. This ensures there’s enough space for people to get out safely in case of an emergency.

What Is The Best Egress Window?

The best egress window depends on factors like your home’s layout, local building codes, and aesthetic preferences. Casement windows and sliding windows are popular choices for egress due to their size and accessibility.


Adding an egress window to your home is a smart upgrade with many benefits. It’s not just about following the rules and making your home safer; it can also boost your property’s value. So, how much value does an egress window add, egress windows are a good investment for now and later, giving you peace of mind and making your home more attractive to future buyers.

Whether you’re thinking about egress windows for safety or to increase your home’s resale value, the advantages are easy to see. Talk to experts, follow local rules, and make smart choices to get the most out of adding an egress window to your home.

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