What Kind Of Room Has No Doors Or Windows?

What Kind Of Room Has No Doors Or Windows

When we think of rooms, we often imagine a space with walls, doors and windows. However, have you ever heard the riddle “What kind of room has no doors or windows?” Initially, this might appear as a puzzling question, but it does have a legitimate answer.

What Kind Of Room Has No Doors Or Windows?

Before we dive into the answer of What Kind Of Room Has No Doors Or Windows, let’s first understand what is meant by a room with no doors or windows. A room without any openings to the outside, whether it be doors or windows, is known as a sealed room. This means that there is no way for air or natural light to enter or exit the room.

The Riddle Explained

Now, let’s get back to the riddle. The answer is actually quite simple – a mushroom! A mushroom can be seen as a room with no doors or windows as it is a sealed space where air and natural light cannot enter or exit. This clever play on words may have stumped you at first, but now it makes perfect sense.

Answering the Riddle

While the answer to the riddle is a mushroom, we can also explore other concepts related to this question. Let’s take a look at some common questions that may arise from this riddle.

What is a Room With No Windows Called?

A room with no windows is often referred to as an interior room or an inner room. These rooms are typically found in the center of a building or home and do not have any openings to the outside.

Can a Living Room Have No Windows?

It is possible for a living room to have no windows. In some cases, homeowners may choose to convert their garage into a living space, which would not have any windows. Additionally, basements are often used as living rooms and may not have any windows as well.

Is a Room With No Doors Or Windows Filling With Water?

A room with no doors or windows will not fill up with water. What kind of room has no doors or windows? While it may seem like this would happen, the laws of physics dictate that water cannot enter a sealed space without an opening for it to flow through. So rest assured, your mushroom room will not suddenly become flooded!

What Rooms Do Not Need Windows?

There are certain types of rooms that do not require windows by building code standards. These include storage rooms, laundry rooms, and utility closets. However, these rooms still typically have some sort of ventilation system to ensure proper air circulation.


The answer to the riddle “What kind of room has no doors or windows?” is a mushroom. However, there are other types of rooms that may not have doors or windows for various reasons. Understanding the concept of a sealed room and its purpose can give us insight into why certain rooms may not have openings to the outside. Whether it’s a mushroom or a utility closet, we now know that there are indeed rooms with no doors or windows in the world.  So, if you ever come across this riddle again, you’ll know the answer and can impress your friends with your knowledge of sealed rooms.

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